Friday, 28 April 2017

Learn Online Selenium Training In Bangalore with Step By Step

It’s a world of modernization today. With every advancement there a new need that crops up. There is a need for new software with every development. The new software comprises of new functionalities. You need to test the new software for performance, load and efficiency and much more. All these requirements demand professionals who do the software testing. These days nobody believes in manual testing as it can include errors. Developers are moving ahead towards automation tools for testing.

Selenium Training in Bangalore

Important Information for your Use
There are many tools available for the test automation. Selenium is one of the best and widely used tools. Today’s truth is everybody is very busy these days. But Selenium Training in Bangalore is available without you getting disturbed in your normal schedule. There are even online courses available, which help you to a great extent in the coaching process. Different study materials are available in different forms. There are many advantages of selenium and here are few for you to have a look.

•    Availability on Different Platforms
It finds itself comfortable on platforms like Linux, Windows, etc. So it has become very useful for people who are comfortable with different types of operating systems.

•    Free and Open Source
It is a free and open source. You need not spend a single penny on this tool. This feature helps in making the use of tool easier. In this way, the cost of testing reduces, which ultimately reduces the cost of the product.

•    Expert Assistance
Whenever you need help or assistance or any clarification on the subject, experts are always available for your help. They are there to assist you at all the time. All your problems find a permanent solution in short time.

Selenium Training in Bangalore

•    Highly Compatible
It is highly compatible with different browsers. This feature makes it more popular and widely used. People feel free and comfortable to use this tool.

•    Supports many Languages
The test script supports many different languages such as Java, Python, Ruby and many others. So the tester need not learn any particular language if the tester is comfortable with any available languages.

A short note
These features above make it one of the best available tools. Many people prefer it for all the features that it has. Anyone can take advantage of online selenium training. Selenium training in Bangalore through Seleniumlabs can prove to be a great help for you if you are interested in learning something new.

Selenium Training in Bangalore

Important Information towards the End
You need to make a choice while choosing the best available tool. You can avail the maximum advantage by selecting the best tool. If you want to get the maximum knowledge about the tool you can work on the live projects. It’s a very natural thing to learn something new when you work on the project online. It helps you to prepare yourself for any difficulties that come in your way. Working on the live project can be counted as your working experience that can be a great help in future.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Best Selenium Automation Training Institute in Bangalore

Selenium Automation Training

Selenium is the ultimate open source platform to test an application. The versatile framework can run functional, as well as, regression tests on web applications despite the fact that they are developed in languages like JAVA, .Net, PHP, etc. The operations are used to locate user interface elements in the applications and visualize the expected results before the application is actually finished. Most of the software industry uses this open-source testing platform via recruiting the expert and trained professionals.

selenium automation training 

Online Selenium Course
We, at Selenium Labs, offer the most efficiently designed Selenium automation training at Seleniumlabs via online sessions to those who want to become an eminent professional in this web application testing sphere. The content of the training is mentioned below.

1.      Introduction
Basic of Automation Testing (pros and cons)
Criteria to follow while automating an application
Web application, testing, and automation techniques for  applications 

 2.      Selenium 2.3 and Selenium WebDriver
 Basic of Selenium
Selenium IDE, WebDriver, Grid
Supported browsers
 Extensibility and Flexibility

3.      JAVA, JUnit, Eclipse IDE
 Installation of Eclipse for the purpose of programming in JAVA for Selenium WebDriver
Use of Eclipse
Sample programs in JAVA to understand Eclipse
Running, testing and debugging programs
Basic of JUnit and its use with Selenium WebDriver
How to configure a machine for Selenium
Practice exercise on Selenium WebDriver and JUnit

4.      Selenium IDE 2.3
 How to install and open IDE
Features of IDE
Building and Running test cases in Firefox
Running test cases with Playback Support from WebDriver
Running Test Cases using Base URL in separate domains
Multi-language framework
Test Suites
User extensions of IDE functionality
 Exercise on IDE

selenium automation training 

       5.      Selenium WebDriver (Enhanced)
 Selenium WebDriver (Installation, use, writing scripts, backing)
WebDriver Configuration as per Eclipse
Locator strategies (using ID, Name, Link, PartialLInk, XPath, CSS Selector, Tag, Class)
 X-Path and related features
WebDriver Commands
 WebDriver test running in various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
 Verifying results and reporting
Debugging tests
Server Installation and how it works
Mode of working of Remote Web Driver

      6.      Selenium Web Driver Commands
Locating page and User Interface elements
Text boxes, Buttons, and Input Tags commands
Commands for Check Boxes, Radio buttons.
 Commands for Lists, Tables, Select Tag, Drop downs
Methods of dealing with Dynamic HTML and AJAX applications
Commands for dealing with Popups, Alerts, and Multiple windows.
Evaluation Sequence, Flow Control
Page elements attributes and their verification
7.      Hybrid Automation Framework Development and its use
Implementing Sample Project using the framework
 Creation of the framework with Web Driver
Data-driven framework in Selenium
Hybrid Framework use
Commands to deal with Dynamic HTML and AJAX application
Advantages of Framework
selenium automation training 

       8.      Selenium Grid
 Overview of Selenium Grid
 Setting up Grid
Collection of Web Driver nodes
Understanding and using desired capabilities class
How to run distributed and parallel tests via Selenium Grid
The comprehensive Selenium automation training regimen will offer in-depth knowledge regarding the testing platform. After becoming a certified professional, the opportunities in the software industry will pour in for a brighter future.

Friday, 17 February 2017

The Finest Web Services Training In Bangalore

Once a student completes his degree course he can land a job as a software developer but he is up against competition from thousands of similarly qualified colleagues. The way to become indispensable is to obtain added qualifications in the form of training.

Webservices training in bangalore

When it comes to advanced training one must choose the areas of specialization with care. One can find oneself in a dead end by choosing the wrong path. It is necessary to choose areas with high future potential and one such area is web services SOA testing. Why web services testing and not just software testing?  There is a difference. Software testing training gives a professional expertise in testing desktop or networked applications. However, these days, most software is deployed over the internet and apps are usually run using the browser as a platform. This internet-browser combination throws up a set of challenges for testing the software so deployed. This is handled by obtaining webservices training in Bangalore at Selenium Labs, the premier training institute known to churn out highly skilled and capable professionals.

Web services SOA testing checks that there is seamless communication between two applications regardless of platform or hardware or software while meeting objectives of the service oriented architecture of an organization. Software may be deployed using simple object access protocol (SOAP) or representational state transfer architecture (REST) or may be a combination of both. In either case the end user should not face any issues while using the service and delivery should be secure as well. Training in web services SOA testing gives candidates a thorough understanding of the WSDL file and an in-depth understanding of how webservices are provisioned. Candidates at Selenium Labs, the premier provider of webservices training in Bangalore imparts in-depth training in theory as well as exhaustive training in various scenarios as well as use of various tools.

Webservices training in bangalore

Students learn to test functioning of web services, review specifications and evaluate requests and responses. They learn hands-on practical of performance testing and identify satisfactory or below par performance. For services delivered over the web, safe and secure delivery is a prime requisite. One of the associated tasks of web services testing is to check for security and be thoroughly familiar with all kinds of security risks. Web services must also adhere to international standards and the training in testing gives them a good background of all such standards in use.

Selenium Lab’s web service training is available online and a busy professional can join this online course that includes full support to assist him in carrying out testing and practical’s using his own system. Unlike other institutions where a student may be required to visit the institute’s labs for practical’s, this may not be necessary because of the way Selenium Labs has structured the course and practical sessions. Of course, there are always experts available to assist a student with theory and practice side of the training. The right training institute does make a difference to how capable a student is after completion of the course. Selenium graduates are sought after because they are competent from day one. 

Friday, 27 January 2017

The Best Online Selenium Training Institute in India for Students and Professionals

Seleniumlabs is fast proving to be the online training institute of choice for anyone wishing to become an expert in automated software testing.
Online Selenium Training

Most applications these days are internet based and are browser-based. This means a variety of technologies are implemented increasing the chances of bugs and errors in coding. The only way to find out such bugs is not through a manual process but by using automation testing. Selenium is the most popular open source automation testing package that has various modules for comprehensive, fast, automated tests. Becoming a Selenium expert can put you on the fast track to growth and success in a niche career.

Who is it for?
Online Selenium training is for those who are fresh IT graduates and wish to pursue a specialized professional path. Even those who are working as developers or manual testers can switch to software testing through Seleniumlabs training. Trainees who complete the course receive a certificate that is officially recognized.

Since Selenium is based on open source software and it is complex, those who wish to undergo training must have a degree in IT with sufficient knowledge of Java but it is not a must. Those unfamiliar with Java receive grounding in this software before proceeding to learn Selenium tools. Commitment is essential.

Online training in Selenium varies from one institute to another. When you do decide to opt for the course, you would do well to pick a training institute staffed by qualified, certified,
Experienced Selenium professionals. Courseware and contents also matter. A modular online course with access to tutors and a comprehensive course structure is the one for you. Proceed at your pace, learn each module, practise thoroughly and become adept at testing on any framework.

The right institute provides the complete and latest Selenium package you can install on your system and use for testing any number of scenarios. Tutors show you how to write and modify code for various test situations.

One can also learn from other students and the questions they raise during online webinar-like sessions. It is interactive, like being in a classroom with other students and the tutor. Trainees can raise questions and have doubts cleared.

The purpose of joining any institute is to further one’s knowledge and gains skills as well as capabilities to be able to deliver in real life situations, not just gain theoretical knowledge. This is where excels and trains each candidate so thoroughly that they can get into a challenging job and deliver results from day one.
Online Selenium Training

An understanding approach to training candidates is also essential. Not all candidates have the same goal or the same speed of acquiring knowledge. A training institute online that delivers modular coaching adapted to a candidate’s needs starting from basic and going on to advanced stages is the right way to learn thoroughly and become an expert. Seleniumlabs is where quality of teaching and courseware are of the highest standards, designed from the learner’s perspective to make him job-ready.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Awesome Tips About Automation Training

Graduates in IT have various career options. One can follow the same path many do and that is becoming a software developer, an area that is highly competitive and one that requires you to upgrade yourself with latest technological changes. There is an even more challenging and rewarding career opening and that is of software testing.

selenium automation training

These days most software is developed for use through a web interface. Given the complex inter meshing of technologies and extended scripting involved in the process, it is more than likely that any first development or even agile development will show up bugs on testing. Manual testing is laborious and time consuming. These days it is all about testing automation.

Testing is necessary for any complex software, be it a stand-alone application or one deployed through the web, especially important in the case of the latter where the package has to work on various platforms and devices. Testing shows up deficiencies as well as robustness and also security features. Software may be tested for these and a variety of other parameters as testing proceeds and also once the development is complete. Time to market is important and therefore manual testing will simply not work. It is also likely to miss quite a few deficiencies.

selenium automation training

Automation is the key, using an advanced package like Selenium. This is a complex and sophisticated package targeting web applications. In order to become proficient in automated testing of web applications using Selenium, one must be thoroughly familiar with the tool.

Selenium Automation Training by Seleniumlabs is the perfect starting point for IT professionals looking to make their mark in software testing. This is a comprehensive, all-in-one tool and proficiency in using this automation tool will help IT professionals carry out extended tests on various frameworks and derive results that will pinpoint all deficiencies in record time.

selenium automation training

The course structure is modular and one can advance from basic to advanced levels, learning and practicing at the same time. There is project work and mock tests involved in the course that is conducted over weekends, each session lasting about 4 hours, making it easy even for working professionals to attend and gain new skill sets. Students become proficient in various automated test tools such as Selenium RC, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid.

A student receives job-based training and he can record lectures and refer to them at his convenience. It is not necessary to personally attend because he can attend the web-conferencing technology based online training sessions conducted by industry experts.

Software testing is a critical job and requires exceptional skills and understanding of all underlying technologies as well as processes and methods and end uses. Students get to know all these in detail through the course structure and once they complete the course, they can expect placement in a leading multinational.  There are thousands of developers but testing is an area where the field is still wide open. Obtaining the right skills through automation training from the right institute gives you a head start in your IT career. 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Basic Concepts of Automation Testing

Hello, Guys welcome to let me introduce myself to you.

I am Prosenjit Majumder working professional in a beautiful city Bangalore India. I basically hail from City Of Joy, Kolkata.

I have passion towards automation testing since last 6-7 years I started with Selenium then I got chance to work with other tools like Maven, Ant, Git, GitHub, Jenkins, Sikuli etc.

Today let us see some of the basic concepts of Automation Testing:

Q1-What is Automation Testing
Answer- When you talk about Software testing or Quality assurance of any product it means we have to deliver our application bug free it means no defect in our application. In order to achieve quality we perform testing in our application it means we perform several test case it can be functional test cases and nonfunctional test cases also.

In order to save our time and resource we can automate manual test cases, which save human effort and time as well.

Scenario – If we need to test same scenario 100 times manually and each time we are checking the same result then better to automate this test case and run it number of times and verify the result.

We have different tools available in the market, which gives us the liberty to automate our application

Q2- When Automation testing should be performed?
Answer- We can perform automation testing in our day to day testing activities it means when we have to execute some test case on regular basics then better to automate that test cases

Majorly we perform automation testing for regression testing, smoke testing and sanity testing as well.
Scenario- If you have 50 scenario that you have to execute on daily basis and you will be testing the same scenario for next couple of releases as well then manually running these test cases will be tedious task so here you can adopt automation testing.
Q3-Which test case cannot be automated?
1-This is very important and interesting question as well that which test cases cannot be automated, my answer is you should avoid test cases which is changes very frequently it means even if you will automate that test case next time it will fail because application feature will change so better to choose test case which is stable.
2- We should not automate test cases which has manual interaction like enter authorization code, capcha code etc.
Selenium introduction
Answer- Selenium is Open source Web Automation tool which was designed by ThoughtWorks in 2004, It started by Selenium IDE then Selenium RC which is also known as Selenium 1 then Selenium Webdriver which is also known as Selenium 2
Selenium is very popular now days because of many reasons
·       It is open source tool, which means we do not have to purchase any license for this. We can download from their officially website and we can use.

·       It support many languages like Java, Java Script, C#, Python, Ruby etc.

·       We can perform cross browser testing as well. Selenium Webdriver support almost all browser which their latest version like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera etc.

·        It support the entire platform like Windows, UNIX, Linux, Apple etc.

·      Recently Selenium has introduced mobile testing as well, now we can automate Android testing using Selendroid, IPhone testing using appium and many more.

·      Selenium having compatibility with many tools well some example are AutoIT, Jenkins, Sikuli, Testng, Junit etc.                                                                                                               

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Selenium Training for working/non-working professionals

Hello, Guys welcome to let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Abhishek Chakraborty. Since year 2004, I have served in Software Testing and Quality Assurance field in various roles for various companies started my career as a QA Engineer with Symphony Services than Aditi Tech & Oracle India.

Currently I am working as a Senior QA Architect in Oracle India.

During this tenure my expertise is on Manual and Automation Testing. I have worked on various automation tools like QTP, ATLAS, Selenium etc, also designed some open source automation internal tools and frameworks for the organization while working on different project.

Selenium Training for working/non-working professionals:

1.               Designed for beginners and also for the working professionals who are currently working as a manual tester and wanted to switch to automation.
2.               No pre-requisites required to learn Selenium here. All the pre-requisites are explained where ever needed.
3.               Step by Step and detailed explanation 
4.               Installation of tools and software is explained where ever required
5.               Course content: Selenium IDE, RC, WebDriver, AutoIT, TestNG, ANT, XSLT Reports, Grid and Framework POM with Page Factory
6.               Core Java concepts required to implement Selenium are covered
What is Selenium:
Selenium Automates Browser.
Selenium is open source software testing tool which supports many different browsers. It Is also supporting many different software programming languages like Python, Ruby, C#, Java, PHP and Perl so that you can create your test cases using your preferred language.
Current days, Most popular language Is Java to prepare your software application automation test cases with selenium webdriver.

As I mentioned - "Selenium Automates Browser." - that means you cannot automate any desktop based app. But you can use AutoIT tool to automate the desktop app and integrate it with webdriver.

Components of Selenium:
Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment): Installs as an add-on in Mozilla. Only runs in Mozilla.
Selenium RC: This is the older version of selenium. It works on multiple browsers. RC can be implemented in any one of the programming languages mentioned above. The Selenium Server is needed in order to run RC. Selenium 3.X is no longer capable of running Selenium RC directly.
Webdriver: Webdriver is the new version of selenium. It also works on multiple browsers.
Grid: Grid is used to run test cases parallel on multiple machines and browsers